Slow internet speed leaves people frustrated – The Secret Behind

Slow internet speed leaves people frustrated – The Secret Behind

Vietnam's internet speeds have been unstable for months, following the connection issues of undersea cables AAG, APG, and AAE at the end of 2022, with the connection via AAG and APG completely down.

In addition, Intra Asia (IA) cable encountered problems on January 28.

The latest breakage means that only one undersea cable connecting Vietnam globally, the SMW3, remains fully functional.

Why is Internet Vietnam slow? You don’t know why you pay your monthly Internet fees on time, but all you get is an unstable network that keeps bothering you?
We understand that it is frustrating to have a super slow internet connection. But is it true that the Internet in Vietnam works badly, and how can we make it run faster? The truth is in our article ; let’s check it out!

Internet Vietnam Slow – What Is Lying Under The Truth?
Many people have claimed that the Internet in Vietnam is so slow that it takes ages to watch a movie. But do you want to know the real speed of the cable network and how to make it faster?

Internet Vietnam Slow – The Reported Data
Mobile Network
According to Speedtest, in February 2023, the mobile Internet speed of Vietnam reached 33,12 Mb/s, which is slightly lower than the world’s average downloading speed (34.67 Mb/s).

However, compared to the leading nation of mobile networks, South Korea, which has a robust rate of 110.10 Mb/s connection, Vietnam seems to have a long way to go to catch up.

Fixed Network
About the fixed connection, the rate can reach 54.67 Mb/s while the global average is 78.26 Mbps. So it seems that the speed in Vietnam is only equal to around 70% of the world’s average. Meanwhile, the champion of fixed Internet is Singapore with 208.16 Mb/s.

What Is The Ranking?
With these two numbers, Vietnam ranks 60th out of 174 nations in the world regarding Internet connection speed for both fixed and mobile networks. From that data, we can conclude that the Internet in Vietnam is nearly average compared to other countries worldwide.

Slow Internet Vietnam – The Real Speed
Looking at the reported speed, you may think it is hard to enjoy an Internet stable in Vietnam, right? However, the real speed is far from what you have thought.

According to Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC), the download speed of fixed networks in Vietnam in the first quarter of 2020 was 61.69 Mbps, which was much higher than the results of the Speedtest. VNPT was reported to have the fastest fixed broadband network, followed by Viettel and FPT.

About mobile networks, the average download speed reached 39.44 MB/s, and it was 18.7% higher than the rate announced. Viettel ranked first when it comes to average download or upload speed 41.45Mb/s, while VinaPhone and Mobile Phones stood in the next positions.

Though unable to stand in the top countries with the highest internet speed, Vietnam still has a medium rate.

But what are the causes of Vietnam internet slow? Let’s continue reading to find out!

Internet Vietnam Slow – Reasons

Lots Of Users
The reason for the internet Vietnam slow in January and February 2023
Cable Breakdown
Besides numerous users, there were some issues with the cable lines under the water, such as APG or AAG, which also led to Vietnam internet slow in April and May. But all problems were tackled before June so you can see the higher rate of Internet usage in that Month.

Before, people have experienced the same problems with cable breakdown that caused unstable connection.

Price Of Internet
With a slow connection, you may wonder how much you have to pay monthly?

The answer will shock you. For 1GB data, you only need to pay on average 13,000VND, which is nearly 0.5USD. With that affordable cost, Vietnam stood in the top ten countries with the cheapest Internet price rate.

Therefore, it is understandable that the downloading or uploading of Vietnam’s internet speed is slower than in many countries worldwide. However, despite the top cheapest cost, the rate of Internet Vietnam remains around the average number in the world. That means you get more than you pay for, and the network speed is not as slow as you have thought.

But we understand that it is super annoying if you are in a rush to submit a report or playing a competitive game match while the Internet keeps freezing. Do not worry because we have some solutions for you!

How To Have A Faster Connection?
Pay For A Higher Speed Combo
As we have mentioned, the price of the Internet in Vietnam is cheaper than most countries in the world. As a result, it is hard to require a super high-speed connection with that price.

In Vietnam, there are many packs with various prices on the network for you to choose from. Thus, if you hate slow internet Vietnam, you can pay a higher price to get more valuable packages of connection with a faster rate of downloading and uploading.

Choose Providers
Besides having a better package, you can choose the top Internet providers in Vietnam. They have better Internet connections with faster and stable speeds than normal.

Wait For The Release 5G
Now, Internet services providers have announced the debut of 5G in Vietnam. However, you should wait for a long time until it spreads nationwide. So let’s wait and see if 5G will make a breakthrough in the Internet industry or not!

All In All,
Now we bet you understand the truth of Internet Vietnam Slow. It is on average compared to the world’s internet but performs better than how much it costs.

Thus, if you want a better connection, you can change your providers or pay for a more expensive package to have better service.

A strong and permanent Internet capacity is a key to the development of the country, it should be one of its main goals especially if Vietnam has ambitions in the technology and international fields. But big problems occur all the time, and now it's just like having a narrow and jammed path, instead of a motorway! all international activities are seriously impacted, and even within the country, the connections are bad..This is very damaging to the international image of Vietnam.

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