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(New) Vietnam eSIM Unlimited data plan for 15 days | Giga 15U

(New) Vietnam eSIM Unlimited data plan for 15 days | Giga 15U

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Attention: Please make sure your phone is compatible with the use of an eSIM before purchase. Refunds are subject to a $5.00 fee as specified in the.

Data: Daily 4GB of highspeed and unlimited at 512kbps
Validity: 15 days
Mobile network operator: Wintel / VinaPhone
eSIM number: to receive calls & SMS, register Grab, can't calls out
Delivery time: Immediate, after order checkout
Delivery: via registered email
Best time to buy: Before departure
Validity start: When you download and install esim on phone
Hotspot/Tethering: 5GB
Top-up options: N/A
Set All APNs as: m9-wintel


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  • Instructions before you go

    eSIM Wintel – the Best Vietnam eSIMs for tourists!

    What is included in our Wintel eSIM?

    • Unlimited of high-speed data per day
    • Our Wintel eSIM will work from the date you activate your eSIM Data plan (Also from the date you install it on your phone). So, you can buy it and get it ready on your phone before departure, and get connected in minutes upon landing in Vietnam.

    The Unlimited eSIM for Vietnam uses Wintel / VinaPhone network, the fastest in the country.

    Especially, it’s effortless for you to set up the Wintel eSIM: You will receive a QR code and users’ guide immediately in your email. Scan it with your cellphone camera, activate its data plan, and in a matter of minutes, you’re connected to the internet in Vietnam. It’s that easy!

    However, if you need to use the eSIM on your iPad, please let us know before making order, as it requires us to do some steps before delivering the QR code to you.

  • Wondering whether this eSIM works for your phone or not? 

    Just make sure your phone has eSIM function and is unlocked, you can use this eSIM. You can check the full list of eSIM-compatible devices.

    You can buy the eSIM before departure or even when you are in Vietnam. And its setup is effortless: You will receive a QR code immediately in your email. Scan it with your cellphone camera, and in a matter of minutes, you’re connected to the internet in the Vietnam. It’s that easy!

Wintel / Vinaphone network Coverage Map

It is covered by Vinaphone network – which is one of the 2 biggest mobile operators in Vietnam.

  • According to the latest test results announced by Speedtest, VinaPhone has become the fastest mobile network in Vietnam in 2023
  • VinaPhone has continuously expanded 4G coverage in both indoor (for closed areas such as inside buildings) and outdoor (large outside spaces) nationwide, bringing a smooth experience anytime, anywhere, in any space.

    You can see its coverage map here.
  • Easy to use

    100% online. Receive eSIM via email. Scan a QR code to install. Activate eSIM when you land and get connected instantly.

  • Free roaming

    Save 100% on data roaming charges and comfortably make calls and texts via WhatsApp, Telegram, Facetime, etc.

  • Whole Vietnam coverage

    Work in all destinations in Vietnam. Stay connected anytime, anywhere.

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  • Instant delivery

    eSIM profile details delivered via email. No waiting for shipping, no removal, no risk of loss.

  • 24/7 support

    Answer questions and provide 24/7 technical support via chat or email.

  • Keep original SIM

    eSIM is digital, so it‘s no need to remove your original sim cards, but still receive calls, SMS if any.

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Receive eSIM information by e-mail

As soon as your order is placed, you will receive immediately Vietnam eSIM details via email.

  1. A QR code
  2. User’s Guide


  • You should install eSIM before departure to stay connected right after landing.
  • If having trouble during installation, DON’T DELETE the eSIM and contact us right away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christopher Garrick
Fantastic Service and Price

I can’t recommend this company enough. Extremely efficient and perfect service. Will use every time I’m here. Thank you!

robert kirk

It’s good but had i problem with the set up

Great coverage - perfect for 14-day vacation

I got this data plan for my 14-day vacation and it was really great to have! My plan from home didn’t cover Vietnam so I needed this to be able to comfortably use my phone especially for reservations, translations on the go, internet searches, and using maps. Really great coverage also in mountainous regions and much better than my traveling partner’s plan from home!
Really easy to set up although a bit inconvenient that I get a QR code on my phone that I need to scan to set up the eSIM - I needed my partners phone for that part. Other than that my iPhone just set it up almost by itself.
Can definitely recommend.


Отличный вариант для туристов. Легко активируется и везде работает.

Euan Pattie
Way to go!

The eSIM package i bought was perfect. I had unlimited data so using maps and communications made my 12 day stay so much easier.